Working with couplesparents, individuals, and teens who are experiencing tension and conflict and want to create lasting change in their relationships.  

Working with teens who have anxiety and depression to process emotion, feel more comfortable in their own skin, and move toward a positive future.

North Light coaches help people align with their own, best, guiding principles and live in greater peace and harmony.  


North refers to the compass direction by which all other directions are oriented and the oldest, most ancient wisdom of the universe. Light is that which illuminates and brings clarity, though sometimes it casts shadow as well. There is a particular quality of light that can show things in stark relief or soften them in golden warmth, revealing different aspects of character within the same object. 

At North Light Coaching, our goal is help you shine a light on the unique and luminous qualities of you, allowing you to see, with clarity, softness, and loving appreciation, all the different aspects of yourself. Your coach partners with horses to help you explore yourself, your options, your limiting beliefs, your wishes, the light and shadow in your life — helping you find your way forward on the best path for you — a path that you choose.

What parts of you can you celebrate today? What parts would you like to honor? What parts are serving you well? What parts get in your way? What parts are of pain? What parts are of joy? What about you has yet to be discovered — by the people in your life? By you? 

North Light Coaching provides a setting, rich in experience and conceived in safety, in which you may explore these questions. 

Find your true north.