Specializing in coaching couples, parents, and teens/pre-teens, including military veterans and their families.  Trauma informed.  

Please call or email for more information. 

One-on-one coaching

Private sessions take place in the arena with your coach and the horses for approximately 90 minutes.  We recommend you reserve at least 2 hours to allow for a longer session and/or some personal time for you to relax and take it all in after your coaching time concludes.

Phone coaching

Meet over the phone for a 30-minute call as a follow up to a one-on-one session, to explore a special area of interest in your personal life, or be assisted with a special project.

Gestalt Group

A different kind of support group.  Gestalt Group is where you come to explore what is and is not working in your life in a nurturing environment.  You will be fully seen, heard, appreciated, assisted, and supported in your personal growth among a group of individuals who are committed to their own and to your success.  Groups are offered in a classroom setting (without horses) or in the arena with horses present.  Allow 2 hours per group meeting.


North Light Coaching offers full day workshops for families and small groups of 6-12 participants.  Explore themes such as safety, presence, awareness, contact, connection, relationship, partnership, and mutual support.  “Talk” things over with a horse, receiving the gift of their full attention and loving presence.  In the process, come to know and appreciate yourself and others in your life more fully.