Open Barn tonight and other stuff

First: Tonight is Open Barn! 4-6:30pm. We hope you can join us to snuzzle a horse, set awhile, have a lemonade and get a taste of how Charlie and Hobbs connect with people in their “office.”

In other news . . .

Summer feels very full here at NLC — in the complete and satisfied way, not the crazy busy way. We had a great Temperament workshop for couples in July, with many Ah-has (and Ha-Has) along the way. I was grateful for the way the group members contributed wisdom that made everyone’s experience greater than it would have been if we did the same work in individual sessions. Thanks to the wonderful participants who created that.

Next Up: Values! I wonder, what comes up in you when you hear that word? And, do you know what its like to live every part of your day according to your values? As I read that, I could feel intimidated by that statement or relieved. How does it strike you? These are some of the questions in play at our Values Workshop coming up Saturday August 17.

Charlie and Hobbs are ready to welcome you - keen to greet their clients and visitors this week.