Allison Goldfarb

Allison Goldfarb

Meet Your Human Coach

Some of my greatest teachers in life have been horses. From an early age, I have been awed, sometimes stunned, and occasionally ‘startled’ right out of my saddle by the timeliness, depth, and clarity of the lessons they taught.  After 30+ years of life among horses, I see these lessons as intentional. I am filled with joy and gratitude that they have helped me arrive at this time and place so I can share an experience of these incredible creatures with you.

As a coach, my job is to help you find your own best answers to the questions in your life. My deep, heartfelt wish is to help you find your way to a lasting sense of peace and enjoyment of your life, having resolved the unfinished emotional business that causes confusion, or pain. 

I have experienced human dynamics in various professional and personal settings – as a wife, mother, daughter, sister, niece, in-law, step-child, teacher, student, consultant, project manager, employee, team leader, riding instructor, and facilitator. I have been a student of each. I bring all of these experiences as well as intensive training in coaching, facilitation, Gestalt psychology, somatics, energy work, equine behavior, and the language of Equus into the arena when I coach.

Meet Your Equine Coaches





Coaches Emeritus

These wise and beautiful coaches, all “on staff” at Loudoun Therapeutic Riding in Leesburg, VA, were the first team Allison worked with when she launched NLC in 2015. Some have retired. Some have passed on. Some are still living and working elsewhere and may return to NLC as guest coaches from time to time!