Open Barn tonight and other stuff

First: Tonight is Open Barn! 4-6:30pm. We hope you can join us to snuzzle a horse, set awhile, have a lemonade and get a taste of how Charlie and Hobbs connect with people in their “office.”

In other news . . .

Summer feels very full here at NLC — in the complete and satisfied way, not the crazy busy way. We had a great Temperament workshop for couples in July, with many Ah-has (and Ha-Has) along the way. I was grateful for the way the group members contributed wisdom that made everyone’s experience greater than it would have been if we did the same work in individual sessions. Thanks to the wonderful participants who created that.

Next Up: Values! I wonder, what comes up in you when you hear that word? And, do you know what its like to live every part of your day according to your values? As I read that, I could feel intimidated by that statement or relieved. How does it strike you? These are some of the questions in play at our Values Workshop coming up Saturday August 17.

Charlie and Hobbs are ready to welcome you - keen to greet their clients and visitors this week.


Human and Horse Vacation!

NLC is closed for summer horse and human vacation July 2-17.  Happy 4th to all!  We hope you too have some time preserved for rest, recharge, and fun this summer.  We look forward to resuming work in the barn starting July 18th.  See you then!

Clinicians Charlie and Hobbs show Psychology Interns what they offer humans

NLC had a great afternoon in the barn last week, teaming with Loudoun Therapeutic Riding Program Director Kathy Blaine. We hosted a group of Psychology doctoral students and their Internship Coordinators. This fabulous group came with great questions and curiosity about how horses provide complementary therapeutic input for those with physical, cognitive, and social emotional challenges. Thank you, Argosy University/Chicago School of Professional Psychology and Sterling Behavioral Health Services and Drs. Pittman and Arons for your interest in equine facilitated healing!

Those of you who know Charlie and Hobbs know how seriously they take their work. Here they are as the group arrived in the parking lot. They stopped eating their lunch and went out to assess their audience! Looks to me like they were conferring about their presentation. LOL.


New Location

Hello, NLC Community.

We’ve moved and expanded our coaching staff!

You can find us now at the beautiful Ohana Equestrian Preserve in Aldie, VA - on Rt 15 just south of Gilbert’s Corner. NLC occupies a sweet little barn there with indoor and outdoor coaching spaces, picturesque paddocks and grounds, and kind neighbors. We’ll be snug through the winter and nicely shaded in the summer for all our coaching activities and will have the space to offer more group events in 2019.

We have also welcomed a new member to the coaching team. Meet “Not Just a Hobby,” AKA “Hobbs.” He has wasted no time in volunteering himself for coaching sessions. We are thrilled to have him and look forward to introducing him to you.

Hello! Have we met?? -”Hobbs” (Retired show jumper and newest member of North Light Coaching)

Hello! Have we met?? -”Hobbs” (Retired show jumper and newest member of North Light Coaching)

Military Spouses Group @ LTR - starts TOMORROW! Tues 9/12, 10:30am

Group starts TOMORROW!  

Loudoun Therapeutic Riding at Morven Park
Barn 5
41580 Sunday Morning Lane
Leesburg, VA 20176

Contact Allison for details:  703-727-2607,

Are you a military spouse or caregiver who wants greater peace in your family relationships?  Are you caring for someone dear who suffers from PTS or a TBI?  Would you like a break?

Allison and "Charlie" have a seat for you in caregivers support group this fall where you'll be offered two hours each Tuesday morning for you - to rest, heal, listen and be heard.  

You may drop in to this group - no pre-registration required.  There is no charge for this event!  RSVP is appreciated to or 703-727-2607.  Questions?  Please feel free to call or write.


Parents' Group Starting Soon

Parents/Caregivers Group starts next week!  Create a time and space in your life for peace, reflection, and rejuvenation that will allow you to tune your internal "compass" -- guided by the horses in our healing herd.  It's Mom's morning out, horse style!  Click "Book a Session" to join us.  

Summertime . . .

We hope you are enjoying peace, sunshine, and cooling water as summer rolls on.  At NLC, we are holding coaching sessions for the remainder of August (a few slots still available) and planning for our upcoming Fall session starting in September.  Look for the fall schedule shortly and invitations for a girls horsemanship group, a parents and caregivers support group, and a visioning workshop.  Also online scheduling and payment are coming soon.  

The First Flowers of Spring

North Light Coaching has just concluded a wonderful winter coaching season at Loudoun Therapeutic Riding (LTR)!  Thank you LTR staff, volunteers, and participants for the warm welcome (pun intended) and for sharing space with us in the “Clubhouse.”  We are on a 2-week administrative break, preparing for the spring schedule.  Stay tuned for spring coaching dates and locations and our newsletter, all coming soon.  In the mean time, welcome spring!